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Thu, 29th October 2020

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DAX Analyzed

9325 level closing basis weekly charts on DAX future will decide the future direction of prices and serve as a LOC between Bulls and bear..

DAX future

For Immediate short term…

Soild Resistance is 9931
Solid Support is 9069.10

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Dancing USDINR – Technical View

As we told you all in our previous post that we have bearish view in Indian Ruppee.

As USDINR traded above its short term key resistance area i.e 68.5975.


We are looking for more sharp depreciation from current levels in 4-5 trading sessions.

69.01 ….. then 69.4175 targets on cards

But We are positional trader…. and our final target something else.

To know more learn Technical Analysis.

Super Bullish on Gold

We noticed Gold test its short term Key supply zone i.e 1250 level around.


This Gold (COMEX) chart for education point view.

As Economic conditions developing in near term, We make/ or intact our long term bullish view on Gold.

You just need to focus 1247.90 level above 2-3 closes on Gold COMEX chart.

Look at

Analyzed Gold – Education Purpose

The way we minted money…

Gold 1

Bullish on Gold above 1085 (went long)
Add more lots above 1111

With predefined Targets (Exit points) of 1155/1165 +++ Both attained (Six trading sessions) in last trading session.

But its not matter much if u don’t know about stop loss and position sizing.

Now we stand aside and waiting for more Technical clues ….. (We can do jobbing also here near supply point as most of traders do, But we never as we told you, We only believe in positional trading style).
If you understand bold words we mention here, You are on the way of success. Rest your financial health is in danger.


Risk Dsiclaimer, markets view is purely based on general guidelines of Technical Analysis. As markets are very dynamic by nature, so forecasting of markets is subject of probabilities not certainties. Before you get started with trading in the financial markets, you should consider your trading and investment goals, objectives, trading experience and your personal risk tolerance.We do believe subscribers/viewers acting on these recommendations or views after assuming all the risk involved then reach to actual judgment for buy or sell. Our site will never ever create any intention for bad information. This is only for your information and guidance. For more information visit: